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Our Photos
Take a look at our mulch colors and of some of our work!

Some of our Sod Work:


 Black Mulch



 weekly lawn maintenance


Flower bed clean up

Brown Mulch




weekly lawn maintenance



Before Mulch

Aeration and flower bed clean up

After Mulch

Red Mulch

Before Sod

After Sod, with mulched area around sod for children's playground equipment

Before Photo

Reduced tree coverage, removed overgrown plants and bushes, removed thousands of rocks and pavers.

created natural flower beds, filled holes with topsoil, laid sod

preparing to install pavers after beds have been mulched

Finished project

Red Mulch

Black Mulch

Black, Dark Brown, Red, Natural Brown. Other types also available!

Volunteer Project for Fire Department, Station 2:



Commercial Property:

Before: Huge parking lot pothole

This pothole is about 9 inches deep

Jason enjoyed this job too much

After: filled with crushed concrete and packed down


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